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One other advantage to self-hosting: you can destroy the data, and be certain it’s destroyed.

If you have a retention policy (which we all should, although I don’t…) then you can legally (mostly) destroy old data, and what’s been destroyed legally can’t come back to haunt you in court.

If your mail is in the cloud, will your ASP honour a discovery request in a timely fashion?  Will you be found in contempt of court because *they* can’t deliver the data?  (If I’m going to jail, I’d rather it be for something I did, not for something someone else did!)

The list of legal issues goes on and on.

Yes, most of these will be settled over time, but considering the pace our legal system moves at, it’ll still be a long time before these issues are clear.

If the data is under your direct control, sure, you lose a few excuses, but you do know exactly where you stand.



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