[RndTbl] Solaris backup

VE4PER / Andy ve4per at aim.com
Tue Mar 15 14:15:55 CDT 2011

Make a hard drive clone of the new fresh install and do periodic 
incremental data backups to a network share somewhere for data.

If it failed, drop in the cloned HD and restore data from backup files.

Kevin McGregor wrote:
> I've been asked to find a way to backup a Solaris SPARC machine. The 
> request was: Suppose you have a fresh install of Solaris, and you want 
> to back it up completely such that if you got a brand new machine you 
> would be able to "just restore" this backup image of Solaris to a new 
> hard drive and boot the new machine without having to re-install 
> Solaris. How would you go about doing this?
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