[RndTbl] xfs inode adjust?

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed May 11 19:02:51 CDT 2011

On 2011-05-11 Adam Thompson wrote:
> Seriously?  You're worried about the space inodes will take on a
> TWELVE TERABYTE file system?

Yes! :-)  I'm so anal I agonized over whether to use the extra
200-400MB over the 2,000,000,000,000 bytes the raw disks provided.  In
the end I chose to round down the end-sector to the nearest 1MB
aligned-sector just under 2,000,000,000,000 bytes; minus 1 sector.

I had an astonishing thought, we're "writing off" 200-400MB like it's
nothing, when my very first hard disk was less than half that size!

> What amount of disk space (%) could this actually save?  Is it really
> worth worrying about today?  I guess I could see it if it's going to

It was apparently making 644 million inodes.  I have no idea how big
its inodes are, but if we assume a (random guess) of 16 bytes, that's
9.59GB wasted!  Ouch.  Even my main drives in 1997 weren't that big.

- Getting Old

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