[RndTbl] Need help with serial connection

Kevin McGregor kevin.a.mcgregor at gmail.com
Fri May 27 10:38:54 CDT 2011

This is driving me nuts, since it was working and now it isn't and I have no
idea what has changed. I hope someone can help.

I have a SunFire V490 at work. I also have a HP ProLiant server in the same
rack, which is running Ubuntu Server 10.04. I've got the weird cyan serial
cable plugged in to the lone serial port on the ProLiant and the other end
plugged into the V490 port ("SERIAL"). I've got minicom running on the Linux
box configured for 9600, 8N1 on /dev/ttyS0. minicom's status line reports
"OFFLINE", and I get no response to any keyboard input.

What's wrong? I can freely power off/on the SunFire and anything else I want
to do with it. I have the keys for the front panel, too. Do I have to switch
it to diagnostics mode or something? We had it working before, and it was
quite easy.


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