[RndTbl] Need help with serial connection

JohnD jd at westman.wave.ca
Fri May 27 13:48:17 CDT 2011

Thirded on screen.

But if you do a lot of binary xfer, the hw flow control may be worth a bit more patience.
And you can then use Ctrl_S (xoff**) and Ctrl_Q a bit more freely (e.g: scrollstop -vs- /usr/bin/less; since you're only extruding at 9600), and yer scroll 
states won't get obfuskomacated.

Check BIOS/CMOS settings on both machines, for mbrd's integrated UART/ComN (toggles).
Old IBM defaults for primary&secondary were irq4:3F8 and irq3:3E8

Check PSU for negative12v on psuPin12 (usu.blue) -vs- adjacent psuPin13 (black:grnd)

In rs232 terms, the DSR+[D]CD (usu.combined) & CTS signals minicom wants to see asserted from the OtherEnd, ain't.

Since MrCyan's prolly a NullMdm/CrossoverCable, ThisEnd's handshakes*** are actually coming from OtherEnd's DTR or RTS pins, resp.
You may think MrCyan is weird, but that MrMagenta is a downright reservoir dog.

Curious my ageing brain still responds to AT&F, but I can't juggle this newfangled capex or optex without fumbling the PON

John Donovan
planet Brandon

** pardon my language

*** speaking of language, would the modern vernacular now be 'Data Daps' ?

In which case, then let us lower our respective altitudes and engage in pheremonally fragrant activities on the dancefloor
(transl: 'Get down, get funky.')

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

On ImpossibleDate(01/-10/-28163) 01:59 PM, Kevin McGregor wrote:
> This is driving me nuts, since it was working and now it isn't and I have no idea what has changed. I hope someone can help.
> I have a SunFire V490 at work. I also have a HP ProLiant server in the same rack, which is running Ubuntu Server 10.04. I've got the weird cyan serial 
> cable plugged in to the lone serial port on the ProLiant and the other end plugged into the V490 port ("SERIAL"). I've got minicom running on the Linux 
> box configured for 9600, 8N1 on /dev/ttyS0. minicom's status line reports "OFFLINE", and I get no response to any keyboard input.
> What's wrong? I can freely power off/on the SunFire and anything else I want to do with it. I have the keys for the front panel, too. Do I have to switch 
> it to diagnostics mode or something? We had it working before, and it was quite easy.
> Help!
> Kevin

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