[RndTbl] Revision control

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed Nov 2 14:23:03 CDT 2011

On 2011-09-30 Sean Walberg wrote:
> I'd still suggest git. It's really not that strange unless you want
> it to be.

Thanks for everyone who replied with advice.  I looked over all the
options at length after this discussion and (I think) I decided on
git.  The main reasons are easy multi-level deployment and easy
multi-developer merging.

After learning the basics, I must say I'm hitting my head against the
wall.  Git is one wacky beast.

I'm wondering if someone who's done it can help me with a quick pointer
in the right direction.

Specifically, I'm stuck at figuring out how/where to structure the
"main" repo.

Here's the copies I currently have that I'd like to git-itize:

1. Raw dev copy on my box
2. Testing copy on production server
3. Live copy on production server

Add to that
4. 2nd dev copy on some other guy's server

and I think, though am not sure, we'll need with git:
5. git "master" copy somewhere on production server

I'd love some help with confirming this structure will work with git
and maybe some tips on actual git commands to get it going.  The 2
developers have full shell access on the production server.  I've setup
a "git" user on it too, which both users can access if required.

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