[RndTbl] UNIX command transcript with canned input, echoed in output?

Bill Reid billreid at shaw.ca
Fri Nov 25 14:07:43 CST 2011

I think the TCL expect package might do the trick.  It simulates a person 
entering text in a terminal session. The command and output are intermix as you 

On 25/11/11 13:56, Gilbert E. Detillieux wrote:
> Howdy folks!
> I got a request from a prof this morning that stumped this old UNIX hack. He
> wants to run a UNIX command (for a language interpreter), using input from a
> file, and saving a transcript of the output. That much is trivial. The catch is
> that he'd like the transcript to have the input echoed, as if it had been typed
> in at the tty.
> I've looked at options on the script command and ssh, but can't find a simple
> solution to this. And it has to be simple enough for his students (who may not
> have much UNIX experience) to use.
> Any suggestions?

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