[RndTbl] ATX power supply

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed Dec 5 13:01:39 CST 2012

On 2012-10-07 Kevin McGregor wrote:
> The numbers for -12V concern me. :-)  The columns are Current/Min/Max,

(sorry, really late reply)

Ha!  LOL,  -12V at -6V, that's funny.  If that was true your system
would not be POSTing.  99% for sure it's just the mobo lying to you.
Lots of them lie or go wonky.

Also, could be a sign of badcaps on the motherboard, so take a look.

PS's are also badcap-prone these days, but in this case I doubt that's
the problem as it's got to be a detection error, not a
PS-voltage-output error.  BTW, if your PS is out of warranty, pop it
open (usually 4 screws), but DON'T do that while it's plugged in (and
wait 60s or hit the power button to drain the big caps first).  I
once touched a PS heatsink while it was on... not making that
mistake again!

Plug the PS into a PS tester (I can bring one to a meeting but I can't
lend it out, I use it nearly every day in my business) to find out what
it really is putting out.

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