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Nah, you’re not alone… although I’m much more a fan of DEC terminals and micros than I am of the PDP or VAX hardware.

(Former Rainbow 100B [with graphics option!] owner and author of the vt220, vt320 & vt330 terminfo entries… although I see they aren’t the default entries anymore L.  Enthusiast and user of VT52, VT102, VT180, VT220, VT240, VT241, VT330, not to mention DECWriter II, III & IV.  Tech support for their entire PC & server line, later on.)


Ultimately, I don’t have any compatible tape drives, sorry.

-Adam Thompson

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random but aww does anyone here have a pertec tape drive spare? looking for one to play around with. i have a controller i would like to play around and learn how to use


i'm a random DEC inthusist who feels like hes the only one on the parries from what i can tell and  may have an old copy of unix on rl02 disk pac thought might be rsx11m+ or something simlar not sure my 11/03 is accting up

also a member of skullspace

and i can't spell worth a dam 

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