[RndTbl] Postfix Policy Daemon

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Thu Dec 13 06:05:00 CST 2012

Why should there be an official package?  I don’t know of a single person or site running policyd right now, it’s obviously not a common use case.  Official packages (for any distro, not just Arch) depend on either the package being VERY popular, or someone on the dev team willing to put in the time and effort to keep the package up to date.


FWIW, it doesn’t look like there are any official packages for policyd (from policyd.org) for any distro.  It’s somewhat confusing, as there are at least four projects all producing software called “policyd”… and they’re all policy daemons for postfix, but they do vastly different things.




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I am running.

Arch Linux
Postfix 2.9.4
Postfwd 1.3.2

Unfortunately Postfwd was the policy daemon that was not working. I kept getting annoying array/list errors that I had to manually fix. It seems the syntax for arrays in perl changed with the version I am running which is 5.16.2.

Anyways, as I could not find a package for Policyd v2 so I am in the process of creating one. And will drop postfwd in favor of policyd.

Weird how there is no official package for policyd on arch though.

Michael Sierks


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