[RndTbl] pertec bump?

Micah Garlich-Miller micahgarlichmiller at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 07:14:59 CST 2012

Hi Trevor,

There are no reel drives left in the UofM IST machine room (not sure about
storage or other faculties).  Those drives may have even been gone pre-y2k
as the mainframe stuff was all on some sort of stacking tape (dont know the
format) for some years before that.


On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 5:35 PM, Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca> wrote:

> On 2012-12-12 Adrian Stoness wrote:
> > hi
> >
> > the wacky hat dude from tonights meeting. had asked around about 7in
> > tape reel drive with pertect interface?
> Does the U of M still have any big (old) tape drives?  Just curious.  I
> thought they were cool to watch when I was there...
> Sounds like it might be time to put a "saved search (email)" on ebay!
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