[RndTbl] time off by 1 hour

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Nov 20 14:24:35 CST 2012

On 2012-11-20 Gilles Detillieux wrote:
> fails.  As far as I can tell, neither RHEL5 nor F17 call hwclock at
> any point during shutdown, which seems odd/bass-ackwards.

Ya, it looks like no one is touching hwclock at shutdown.  To me it
makes sense that on boot we read the hwclock, then we update with
ntpdate/ntpd, ... system runs ..., then on shutdown we put our idea of
the proper date (which if things are working should always be correct)
back to hwclock for next time.  This is how it used to work, but
doesn't now.

I found:

In F16 (and newer) it looks like you need to enable both ntpd.service
and ntpdate.service in systemd.  On all my boxes I had just ntpd on.
Time to change that.

Then set SYNC_HWCLOCK=yes in /etc/sysconfig/ntpdate

Looks like systemd is properly setup to run ntpdate before ntpd.

Thanks guys.

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