[RndTbl] Screen in production

Robert Keizer robert at keizer.ca
Wed Oct 10 11:12:00 CDT 2012

It's also worth noting that as soon as copy mode is disabled ( esc+esc ) 
the messages pop up in the output nc.

I'm assuming the output has a buffer limit because I ran into the issue 
where some, but not all buffered output from the program made it to the 
output nc listener (not this example, but how I got into this mess ).

Or perhaps what makes more sense is that the program I'm using has a 
limit on how many functions it will handle at once - given that it is a 
single thread just async, with >1000 of these it could simply hit a 
limit of saying "no" and waiting for the process.stdout / process.stderr 
to complete before moving on.


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