[RndTbl] Here's the December 2013 MUUG Newsletter

Gilbert E. Detillieux gedetil at cs.umanitoba.ca
Tue Dec 3 16:33:46 CST 2013

I should also point out that the PO box rental rate has climbed rather 
quickly in recent years, from the $150 or so per year we used to pay, at 
a rate much higher than most other cost increases.  It used to make a 
lot of sense to stick to the same address, and keep renewing year after 
year, but perhaps less so as time goes on.  :)

On 2013-12-03 15:50, Gilbert E. Detillieux wrote:
> On 2013-12-03 15:06, Colin Stanners wrote:
>> Why does MUUG pay $350-$700/yr for a PO box? Does it receive anything?
> At one point, we were receiving large parcels with freebies from vendors
> (CD's, t-shirts, and the like) on a semi-regular basis, but that's kind
> of dried up now.  We could get by with a smaller PO box now, to deal
> with the various mail we still do receive (including application forms,
> and the occasional newsletter returned to sender), but that would mean
> changing address, which would mean wasting pre-printed envelopes, as
> well as some hassle.
> We are considering what to do about that for the longer term, but up
> until now, the decision has always been to just renew for another year.
> (And note that the amount reported was high this year since it
> represents 2 years of renewals.)

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