[RndTbl] The voicemail messages we've been getting

Daryl F wyatt at prairieturtle.ca
Thu Dec 12 19:45:09 CST 2013

On Thu, 12 Dec 2013, Trevor Cordes wrote:

> On 2013-12-11 Adam Thompson wrote:
>> LOL.  That *is* a modem, only slowed down by about 10x and somewhat
>> mangled.  It sounds like a fax machine, to me.
> Ya, it does sound like a fax handshake but with about 5-8 dropouts
> every second, and yes, probably slowed down.

Ok. Wonder why the sender doesn't give up before five minutes?

> Are you sure your homebrew voicemail and .wav conversion is working
> proeprly?  Are you receiving voicemails that are similarly mangled?
> If you answered the phone at whatever a.m. when this comes in, it
> probably sounds like a normal fax (we're guessing)?

Yes, the conversions are working properly for voicemails. It's been a 
great answering machine. I've been using it for years. Its an ISA card :)

> Are you using mgetty+vgetty for this?  Converting from the weird
> vgetty/modem format to WAV and resampling isn't trivial, and perhaps a
> setting is wonky in there.  You could try sending yourself a fax from
> somewhere at a known time and seeing if you get the same results.

Yes, mgetty+vgetty is what I'm using. You've given me an idea. I checked 
the configuration and it set only for voice and no faxes. There's a 
compression setting for the modem voice output. Between that and the 
conversion from the native format coming from the Rockwell chipset it 
probably does explain the slow down and drop outs.

> PS: setting up vgetty to allow incoming faxes may also shed some light:
> at least you'd see what the fax is about!

I think I'll try that just for kicks. I'd have thought FAX spam was no 
more but we'll see.

Regards, Daryl

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