[RndTbl] Off-topic: Convert a video signal

Robert Dyck rbdyck2 at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 1 17:18:43 CST 2013

--- Kevin McGregor wrote:
> I have an old computer (still working!) which provides only a RCA coax
A/V output. Is there a single device which could convert this in one
step to separate RCA video/left/right out? I have a setup that works,
but it's a little complicated.

That doesn't quite make sense. If your computer puts out a TV signal, it
should be an F-Type threaded connector for a cable TV coax cable. That
would require a tuner. The standard connector for composite video is an
RCA jack. It should have only video, audio left, or audio right. In
other words, composite video would already be the 3 separate RCA jacks
you want.

Rob Dyck

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