[RndTbl] Off-topic: Convert a video signal

Robert Dyck rbdyck2 at shaw.ca
Tue Jan 1 18:30:09 CST 2013

--- Kevin McGregor
> It has a thin cable coming out the back which is RF combined
audio/video (mono, I think) with an RCA end on it, not F-Type threaded
coax. I'm not making this up.

That still means you need a tuner. Demodulate the RF, and separate
composite video from audio.

> On the other hand, there is a "monitor" port on the side of the
computer which is female DIN5 with (I've read) chroma, luma, composite,
audio (mono) and ground pins. One could probably build an adapter cable
for either composite out or S-Video out. One reference I found suggested
that chroma isn't actually available on this model.

That sounds easiest. If you already have composite, audio, and ground
pins on a single connector, just wire new connectors. Considering the
age, my guess is the DIN5 connector is the same an old keyboard
connector, the large round DIN plug. Just cut off the plug, and wire in
RCA jacks.

Rob Dyck

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