[RndTbl] My Shaw Broadband 50 turned into Dial-up; morph into VoIP discussion

Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Wed Jan 2 21:59:14 CST 2013

 Interesting!  I am primarily a Shaw Internet user, with MTS Internet as
backup, and I don't experience any large variations at Shaw around the
clock (and I'm on at all hours of day and night, unpredictably).

My Shaw plan is 25 Mbps down / 2.5 Mbps up, and I usually clock about 24
Mbps down / 2.4 Mbps up.  Moments ago I tested it, and got 17 Mbps down /
2.4 Mbps up.  So, aside from any problem you may have had in your local
computer and networking, Shaw does have high capacity for handling peak
loads in at least some (many/most?) areas of Winnipeg - I'm around Watt &
Munroe, but had similar stats around Henderson & McLeod in early 2011
before I moved.  (For the record, my ping/latency to the Rainy Day server
is typically 0-11 ms.)

My Vonage VoIP is flawless here, just as good as Shaw phone, but
interestingly, my Vonage VoIP is virtually perfect even on my MTS Internet,
which is typically 5-6 Mbps down / 0.34 Mbps up / ping 57 ms.  Both my Shaw
and my MTS have very little jitter or packet losses (important parameters
for VoIP in addition to up/down/latency).

Hmmm, maybe we should morph this into a VoIP discussion.  How many of you
fellow MUUG members are using serious VoIP, and what are your results?  I
have extensive Vonage and Skype experience, Vonage being dead-serious VoIP
and Skype less so, but itself superb in its Skype-to-Skype primary form
(SkypeIn and SkypeOut are much weaker).  OK, have I started the ball

Hartmut Sager (a pretty quiet member, typically just reading our RoundTable)

On 2 January 2013 20:46, Bradford C. Vokey <brad at fsi.ca> wrote:

> Speeds went back to 45 Mbps at 2:30am. Worked great all morning until
> prime time hit again, now this evening it's back to 2 Mbps. I got Shaw to
> credit my bill and they gave me a free VOD pretty easily. I think they know
> there is a 'problem' on my node.
> Don't you LOVE all us Netflix users?
> On 1/2/2013 8:12 PM, Trevor Cordes wrote:
>> On 2013-01-02 Bradford Vokey wrote:
>>> Shaw techs are not available to come to my house until Sunday January
>>> 6th!My download speeds are around 1.5 Mbps.
>> Try a different cable.  Blow out the ends for dust.
>> Power cycle the modem.
>> Power cycle the computer.
>> Do you have a different NIC to try for eth0?  I'll probably have to
>> help you change it without Fedora screwing up the other 2 NIC's
>> numbering.
>> I'd try all that before getting the Shaw guy out.
>> And since when is 1.5Mbps dial-up? :-)  How quickly you forget the
>> 33.6kbps modem days...
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