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Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
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Seagate has had a bad few years in terms of both reliability and compatibility, but MAY be on the upswing again.

WD has been plugging along at about 10%-20% higher prices than Seagate, but without the major problems.

HGST has an on-again/off-again relationship with quality… but their enterprise drives seem solid.


Above all, make sure you carefully check out the MTBF and POH specs for any drive you’re considering – many new drives aren’t rated to *SPIN* 24x7 anymore.

Lastly, I now suggest buying retail from a local provider to whom you can (relatively) easily return them.  The age of the reliable HDD seems to be over.




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I need to replace my (degraded mode :-( ) 2 TB RAID 5 array ASAP. I'd like ~3 TB of usable space and RAID 1 is preferred over RAID 5/6. Would anyone like to suggest replacement drives?



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