[RndTbl] Lost messages/postings

Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Wed Jan 23 02:18:52 CST 2013

 Aha, some consistent details are emerging.

I should add, that Gmail has been making occasional subtle behavioural
adjustments even in the half-plus year that it has become my main e-mail

(I've been subscribed to Gmail for many years, but I had been using Yahoo
Mail as my main e-mail infrastructure for 6 years until I finally got fed
up with their bugs and shortcomings, many of which came along in the last
two years.  I wrote to Yahoo giving details, but their responding staff
were idiots who didn't even get some of my points.  I presume they have
more intelligence at their infrastructure end, but still no match for the
Gmail experts.)

Back to Gmail.  One area of subtle adjustment I've noticed is in the Sent
label (I almost wrote folder!).  Current behaviour is, that incoming e-mail
does get the Sent label (as well as possibly but not necessarily the Inbox
label) if the From field matches any of the valid From addresses I've set
up in Gmail.  Yes, even if I didn't send it out from my Gmail!!!  Now
admittedly, this is sometimes nice, since I'm trying to make Gmail my
entire life e-mail repository (and have imported most of my older
e-mails).  I don't know whether this Sent labelling adjusts dynamically on
existing e-mail when I add/delete From addresses in Gmail - a good
experiment for a rainy day.  And I have yet to figure out the exact
criteria for applying or not applying the Inbox label when it decides that
I sent the e-mail from somewhere else.

(Re forwarding vs. POP3:  I'm forwarding my many marityme.net addresses to
my Gmail.  I am POP3'ing a few non-marityme.net addresses of mine.)

So, could all this be the cause of our problems, possibly with a recent
Gmail behavioural adjustment?

Hartmut Sager

On 22 January 2013 23:51, Adam Thompson <athompso at athompso.net> wrote:

>  AFAIK at this moment, only gmail users are affected, and of those, only
> those users who get the email sent to a non-gmail.com address (such as
> yourself) which then gets forwarded (or retrieved via POP3).****
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> -Adam Thompson****
> athompso at athompso.net****
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> So, please keep at it, since I'm not the only one reporting this problem.
> Can we at least determine whether or not everyone with this problem is
> using Gmail?  I still have some suspicions in that regard, though not my
> original simple thought of duplicate on unique message ID.****
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