[RndTbl] Awwwwww. Raspberry Pi?

Kevin McGregor kevin.a.mcgregor at gmail.com
Tue Jan 29 20:47:35 CST 2013

The "Awwwwwww" part: I think my SheevaPlug is dead. It stopped responding
to SSH (or, well, ping), and when I tried connecting via the funky
USB/serial port, my PC doesn't even detect that the SheevaPlug is plugged
in, let alone attempt a connection via PuTTY. Note: the power light comes
on steady, as do both the green and amber lights on the Ethernet port.

So, what are my options?
1. Maybe it's the power supply. These ones are known for going bad. Anyone
want to try to fix it? Hey -- that would be a cool presentation: Fix a
SheevaPlug PS in real-time and see if we can get the thing to boot! Okay,
maybe not.
2. Buy another SheevaPlug? Too expensive for my budget.
3. Buy a Raspberry Pi? Can you get them locally? Or order them online from
a reputable Canadian supplier?

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