[RndTbl] Small Linux distro?

tim at fractaldragon.net tim at fractaldragon.net
Tue Jan 29 23:14:46 CST 2013

On 13-01-29 08:51 PM, Kevin McGregor wrote:
> I have a Pentium III 1 GHz (?) laptop with 512 MB (?) RAM and a 80 GB
> (?) hard drive, 1024x768 display. Which distro would run half-decently
> on this, with GUI/desktop?

Another small distro that I've used in the past is Puppy Linux,

It's designed to run from a CD, USB drive or from a hard drive, and
copies the whole shebang into a RAM disk. No worries though, it runs
on systems smaller than 512MB RAM. You can get it to save changes when
it shuts down (e.g. on multisession CDs), so it's not strictly
read-only either. For a while, I had it running as my firewall on an
old PC.


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