[RndTbl] Hard drives

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Wed Jan 30 07:09:55 CST 2013

On 2013-01-14 Kevin McGregor wrote:
> I've seen responses from Dan and Adam so far, and got confused when I
> saw a reference in Dan's response to one from Sean -- which I haven't
> seen. So I checked the MUUG Roundtable archive on the MUUG website,
> and sure enough, there's one from Sean and Brian!
> Does anyone have any theories why the other two responses didn't get
> to my inbox? And yes, I checked my Spam folder; they aren't there.

I think we're getting closer to solving this... I run my own mail
server and have complete control.  I don't use RBLs.  There is no
chance of "lost" mail or false-uncrecoverable positives.

Anyhow, the long Sean reply was "missing" on mine too but I checked and
it was in my "possible spam" inbox with a .5 spamminess score (exactly
the cutoff I use).  Anyhow, if it got labelled as spammy by my
spambayes, then I'd be willing to be providers out there (gmail) might
be just throwing messages like that away.

Next time this happens (someone mentions a missing email), I'll check
the spamminess score, and if they are all in the spammy range, then we
pretty much know for sure it's over-aggressive mail service providers.

PS The Brian Doob possible missing one got a .13 spamminess in my
system, not very spammy, but still not zero.  And it had a URL + only 2
other lines added, so aggressive heuristics may decide it is spam.

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