[RndTbl] UPS batteries

Dan Keizer dan at keizer.ca
Wed Jan 30 16:50:54 CST 2013

Funny timing ... I bought two APC 750 units just over a year ago and use
them to keep my servers running in the rack.

A week or so ago, one of them started to complain (beeping wildly in the
night) and flashing it's lights etc ...

After emailing the APC support, they go through their usual spiel etc
... but in the end, just unplugging the unit and turning it off (also
shutting down all the servers fed by it) ... and plugging it back in,
did the trick ...
the electronics needed to be "reset" ... not sure what caused it yet,
but me thinks I'm putting the UPS monitoring software on one of the
boxes and trending it now ...

What a hassle ... especially when you're running a VM box behind it etc
... would have been nice to have dual supplies in it, but oh well ...


On 13-01-30 02:19 PM, Adam Thompson wrote:
> A bit late to the table here, but I've also purchased replacement batteries from upsforless.ca; even after shipping, they were cheaper than local.
> However, I now have two dead UPSes... I'm unsure whether it was batteries or dead UPS electronics that did them in.  I suspect electronics, as neither of them will even perform the self-test when power is applied.
> -Adam
>>> On 2013-01-11 Kevin McGregor wrote:
>>>> Where's a good place to get replacement UPS batteries? I need 1 or 2
>>>> 12V 9Ah batteries. Is there any place open on the weekend that sells
>>>> these?
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