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Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Jul 4 03:03:58 CDT 2013

> Now she complains the laptop is "freezing up". Rather than wait, she
> powers it down. I'm afraid of file system damage.

I'm in the same business.  It's impossible to know if it's her,
software or hardware, until you reproduce the problem.  Ask her if she
can reproduce it easily on demand and then take it and do it, or do it
while she's present. Then you can hit C-A-D/whatever and tell if it's hw
or sw.

There's a lot of crap hardware out there (75% of it at least),
especially on a refurb.  It's very very very (very very very) hard to
sell hardware these days if you provide any sort of warranty or
reliability standard.  You have to vet the brands you sell very
carefully and ditch brands the instant they give you trouble.  Make up
a clear warranty policy in writing saying what sort of things you cover
for free.

With laptops, the problem can often be overheating due to dead fan
(listen for it) or poor TDP design, or bad ram (run memtest) or slow
degradation of the mobo due to static zaps, etc.

Good luck.

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