[RndTbl] can't stop md yet lsof is empty?

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Mar 16 17:18:52 CDT 2013

I should also mention (confess?) that the array I'm trying to stop is
my /boot partition (on a running system booted from it!).  Don't ask...

Yet I see nothing that would constitute an "open" file in it, unless
the low level kernel boot stuff keeps something there "open"?  If so,
though, why can I umount it?

The source for mdadm --stop says:

  216 		/* Get EXCL access first.  If this fails, then
  attempting 217 		 * to stop is probably a bad idea.
  218 		 */
  219 		close(fd);
  220 		fd = open(devname, O_RDONLY|O_EXCL);
  221 		if (fd < 0 || fd2devnum(fd) != devnum) {
  222 			if (fd >= 0)
  223 				close(fd);
  224 			fprintf(stderr,
  225 				Name ": Cannot get exclusive
  access to %s:" 226 				" possibly it is
  still in use.\n", 227 				devname);
  228 			return 1;
  229 		}

So it's failing to get O_RDONLY|O_EXCL open on /dev/md1.

Still would like to know why though.

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