[RndTbl] Summer project

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sun Mar 31 02:37:36 CDT 2013

On 2013-03-29 Colin Stanners wrote:
> Most houses have some way to hide a cable from one end to the other -
> tiled ceiling / air return ducts / under baseboard just coming out to
> go to the next room through a hole in the wall.

If you use ducts (for sure!) or go between floors (maybe, Adam?) you
should really use plenum rated cable.  You won't find any pre-made
plenum cables.  If you're in a pinch, I can sell you bare plenum-rated
CAT6 in whatever length you need, and the price isn't too bad.  I must
buy in 1000 feet, but you can buy from me in any-feet (ie. 50).

I find going down to the basement works best.  Or, simply position both
your AP's in the basement and never go upstairs.  You can place them
near the ceiling, most AP's have little screw holes in the back for wall

As for the sane-ness of the whole plan, there are a number of AP's that
can do repeating, without cables.  I know Apple makes one (though I
would never recommend an Apple product).  I have personally seen these
setups working in houses quite fine.  How they both send and receive
without tripping over themselves is beyond me, though if you talk to 
AP-1 on ch 1 and talk to network AP-2 on ch 11 then why not?

As for N/G: I've heard people say that N may not give you longer range
or even better speeds.  I think Sean Cody used to say that.  Perhaps
the older N gear suffers from this but newer gear doesn't?  Personally,
I've dealt with more crap N gear that never seems to work quite right
than G gear.  The moral of the story: if N seems to crap out, try
tweaking all AP's down to G.

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