[RndTbl] Linux distro for Pentium III

Mark Jenkins mark at parit.ca
Wed Oct 9 01:12:22 CDT 2013

> Is it?  I hadn't heard that.  You mean my Firefox on Linux is
> vulnerable right now because of outdated Flash?

They're going to provide security support only (no feature updates) for 
what I think is the 11 series for a little while. Only way to flash 12 
is Google Chrome.

Good news is that more and more stuff stuff out there doesn't require 
flash, and more than just videos, some kinds of various animation and 
soundish type stuff is being done without it now too.

> As for distro, the problem is probably just the lack of good 3D support
> on old hardware for the stupid modern GNOME3's and Unity.

Were AGP 2x ati cards and chips in the Pentium III world ever able to do 
OpenGL even on Windows, or were they just Direct X and/or programed 
directly by specific games?

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