[RndTbl] Freebie - HP LJ 4050DN

Robert Dyck rbdyck2 at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 21 16:38:13 CDT 2013

There are places that refill toner cartridges. One is Manica Ribbon
Recycling, 965 Main St. at Selkirk Ave. (204)944-0416 Cost a lot less
than a new cartridge. I got their name from someone I work with, he had
a good experience. So I got mine refilled there too; they did excellent
work. Received my cartridge in a sealed opaque bag, and that was in a
cardboard box. My cartridge is combined toner and drum. It was fully
refilled, and works perfectly.
Rob Dyck

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Yes, it works fine, but I think it's getting low on toner. It has never
been used very much; it's in pretty good condition.

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