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Tim Lavoie tim at fractaldragon.net
Mon Apr 21 19:12:25 CDT 2014

Alternatively, I'd humbly suggest that there are good reasons beyond
functionality to separate the firewall and file server. Sure, you
*could* get it all to work, but that's a big basket to put all of your
eggs into.

On 2014-04-21, 7:02 PM, Adam Thompson wrote:
> On 14-04-21 06:48 PM, Kevin McGregor wrote:
>> Well, I'd have to recommend FreeNAS at this point. FreeBSD based,
>> full ZFS support and lots more.
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>>> On Apr 21, 2014, at 1:05 PM, Paul Sierks <psierks at sierkstech.net>
>>> wrote:
>>> Weird subject, I know. But this is only for personal residential
>>> use. I've been running Arch on a system with a number of disks in
>>> raid for all my shared storage needs. This system also doubles as a
>>> router / firewall with Wifi, and other little things such as pxe
>>> booting. We'll recently I've been wanting to use ZFS with it more
>>> and more. So I figured I'd get opinions. Arch does have packages for
>>> ZFS, which would provide most features, just not encryption. So
>>> would I be better to use pfSense or the like off a USB and add what
>>> I need for ZFS, nfs, etc to it, or to just use FreeBSD? or is there
>>> some other suggestions.
> I don't believe any "appliance"-like system exists that handles roles
> THAT far apart.
> pfSense doesn't really do ZFS, and lacks most of FreeBSD's traditional
> init(8) system, so you'd be hard-pressed to add every little bit of
> functionality you expect to it.  It does, technically, support it, but
> I don't think you'll find much help on the lists, they're populated
> mostly by devs, heavy-duty firewall users, and newbies.  You'd have to
> install a number of packages to get the minimum functionality, and I
> don't think you'd be happy with the result.
> FreeNAS is optimized as storage, not as a router, although I'm sure
> someone has written a plug-in by now that turns it into a home gateway
> :-).  It does appear that FreeNAS offers approximately zero support
> for running WiFi controllers in HostAP mode, however.
> I can't think of any Linux-based systems that cleanly do what you
> want, either...
> So, yeah, you should look at running FreeBSD.  Beware, it's very
> different from Linux.  Don't try to do things the same way you would
> on Linux.  RTFM.  Seriously, RTF Handbook before you even start. Even
> if you're familiar with an old version of FreeBSD, read the Handbook
> before you even boot the install image.
> If you want something a little more friendly, look at PC-BSD.

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