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Dan Keizer ve4drk at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 16:56:45 CDT 2014

For those in the group that have an interest, the annual Field Day event is
occurring this weekend.  Notable recent developments include the
establishment of a local high-speed hamradio network -- we're talking
megabit speeds, not baud these days ;-)  and a full complement of HF

Link with information is below:


1pm Sat to 1pm Sun.  There will be multiple operating HF stations setup as
well as an extra  station for you to Get On The Air and talk with people
from around the world.


What is Field Day?
Field Day is an opportunity for the public to come and see Amateur radio
Operators in action as they set up their stations in public places like
parks and schoolyards then communicate with each other around the globe
with methods from Morse Code to Satellite or Moon Bounce.
- See Ham Radio’s latest developments
- Learn what it takes to get your own license (you don’t need to know Morse
Code anymore?)
- Can you text faster than a Ham can send Morse Code
Where and When is Field Day?
The Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club (WARC
parking lot of Canadian Mennonite
(June 28-29th)
Find us on the Internet http://winnipegarc.org/
Follow Us on Twitter - @VE4BBWARC
Find us on Facebook – "Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club - VE4BB"
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