[RndTbl] glibc locking and elision

Paul Sierks psierks at sierkstech.net
Tue Mar 18 10:39:07 CDT 2014

Hey all,

Is there anyone else that has a proc with HLE and is having issues with 

The newer Haswells have this and for a while now teamviewer has been 
refusing to launch on my system. Then more recently I installed pgAdmin3 
and while it actually ran, there were actions that would set it off too. 
Turns out it was general protection fault, and a core dump seemed to 
show elision as the culprit.

I've since rebuilt glibc x86_64 and the 32 bit libs without the 
enable-lock-elision flag which "fixes" the issue, but I'd like to know 
if anyone else has experienced this.

-- Paul
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