[RndTbl] Manitoba Hydro email database hacked (or sold)

Bradford C. Vokey brad at fsi.ca
Sat Apr 25 19:40:06 CDT 2015

Trevor Cordes (and myself) use vendor specific email addresses when we 
sign up for services (it's easy when you control your own domain).

Manitoba Hydro sends me email to 'manitobahydro at yourowndomain.com'
Shaw send me email to 'shaw at yourowndomain.com'

For several months now, both Trevor and myself have noticed spammers 
using our Manitoba Hydro vendor specific email addresses.

So how (and when) did Manitoba Hydro get their email accounts list hacked?

If so, what else got hacked? Our per-authorized Debit information?!?

If not, then did they actually sell their email accounts lists to spam 

I can see spammers sending generic *names* to various domains (ie. 
trevor at yourowndomain.com or brad at yourowndomain.com) but I can not see 
spammers sending 'manitobahydro' to various domains without some 
per-initializing from somewhere.

Just my rant for the week/day/hour...

...P.S. If anyone wants to meet some desperate Russian chick feel free 
to believe in the spam...

Bradford C. Vokey

Manitoba Unix User Group

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Subject: 	Allow me to introduce ... to you.
Date: 	Sat, 25 Apr 2015 19:14:40 +0300
From: 	mstanton at packeteer.com
To: 	manitobahydro at fsi.ca

Greetings! How's it going? I found out your email in the agency of
acquaintances. They also told me you are not married and you wish to meet
a sweetheart. I decided to try to email you and get to know you better. I
will tell you some information about myself. I am 28 years old. No kids.
I would like to meet a sane and responsible person. I do not need to play
any online games, I would like to have serious relationship only. If you
are interested to know more about my life, please tell me and I will be
happy to tell you more info about myself and I will also send you photos!

My private email: lina-fo at rambler.ru


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