[RndTbl] Shaw email - new woes

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Apr 25 23:34:41 CDT 2015

On 2015-04-25 Bradford C. Vokey wrote:
> I have many emails sent to me (as a reply) with *** SPAM *** in the 
> subject line (because the emails we send out sometimes get triggered
> as SPAM by some school divisions and they are just replying).
> I have then replied (sometimes forgetting to removing the "*** SPAM
> ***" in the subject line) and it hasn't been a problem so far.

Yes, that should trigger it, based on what I just saw.  Unless the Re:
(yours would have had) changes things.

> The last email we sent with SPAM in the subject line was 2015-01-09.

This is definitely something new Shaw is doing.  The bounce format has
changed, there's that weird domain in the error message, etc.

> 1) We do have a static IP so that might be different?
> 2) We also have a Shaw business account (as opposed to home/personal)?

For sure this would not apply to business/static.  This is probably
just personal only.  Of course, you could test it using your home
computers if you want to see if you get blocked :-)

I'd love for someone else with a home box using sendmail and smarthosts
(and preferably a From: that isn't @shaw.ca) to send an email with SPAM
in the subject :-)  Prove me wrong...

> 3) Maybe this is just new as of this week/month?


> 4) Maybe your client was legitimately sending SPAM and Shaw just

Nope, impossible.  I was monitoring exactly what was going out when
they cut me off and since it was 1am almost nothing had gone out for

Was their another reason they blocked me?  Sure, maybe, who knows.  But
from what I can see, all emails went out fine, then one with SPAM in
the subject then BOOM, blocked for about 18 hours.

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