[RndTbl] Manitoba Hydro email database hacked (or sold)

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Apr 28 00:21:04 CDT 2015

On 2015-04-27 lists at friendface.ca wrote:
> I also have vendor specific addresses setup on my domain including 
> Manitoba Hydro, I have received 0 spam on that address since it was 
> setup about 1 year ago.

Ya, who can tell when/why it happened with these things.  Brad & I have
been using that address probably for 7+ years.  Often spammers take
quite a while to latch onto an address, and even longer to really ramp
it up.  My most spammy addresses are all ones from 10+ years ago.  Who
knows when the hydro breach happened and/or how extensive a list their

The worst/stupidest mistake I ever made was in around '99 I signed up
for a neat-sounding AIX-specific free e-magazine that was mentioned on
comp.sys.aix (or whatever it was).  I was using AIX exclusively back
then (even at home).  There never was a magazine, it was just phishing.
Doh. Never made that mistake again. I get around 200 spams a day to that
email alone just from that one seed 16 years ago. It's interesting to
watch how the spammers make your address go viral with all their
buddies over time.

As for anonymity, Hartmut, we have to keep in mind some list members
may be from out of town and/or not members of or interested in MUUG.
We certainly want to encourage list participation regardless.  If
someone wants to remain anonymous, while it's not necessarily
encouraged, we'll be ok with it.

Cheers guys.

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