[RndTbl] WTB (or WTR?) optical disc cases, ddr3

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Feb 3 00:31:55 CST 2015

I'm in need to a few misc items that are pretty useless to most people
these days.  I'm willing to buy (WTB, ie cash) or "recycle" (WTR, ie
take them for free) them if anyone has any.  Can just meet up at a
meeting, or if you don't make meetings I don't mind picking them up.

- DVD-R / CD-R spindles: just the empty 50 or 100+ cartons that blank
  optical media comes in, you know the cylindrical things with the pole
  in the middle?

- CD jewel cases: just the old-style audio CD ones, that software used
  to come in too.  I need lots.  (Normal size most needed, but the
  double and quad disc cases I can use too, as well as European
  "maxi-single" sizes.  But "slimline" cases for CD-R's etc are not
  useful for me.)

- Small DDR3 (1333+) sticks of RAM, like 1GB (or maybe 2G) sticks that
  are probably useless to most people now.  I can only seem to buy 4G
  sticks these days.  I'd take smaller than 1G but I don't think they
  ever sold 512's in DDR3.  I only need a couple/few for testing
  purposes.  Must be cheap.

Plus, if anyone wants any 15 and 17" CRT (VGA-input) monitors that still
work great, let me know, I have a few I need to clear out (free!),
otherwise they are going into recycling.


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