[RndTbl] parallel port

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Jan 10 02:37:14 CST 2015

Having some parallel port issues (ok, stop laughing!).  Can some people 
with parallel ports on their mobos (real ones, not usb-based ones) send me 
the output of:

tail -c+1 /proc/sys/dev/parport/parport0/{autoprobe,base-addr,dma,irq,modes}

I'm especially interested to see what you get if you have ECP mode set in 
the BIOS.

dmesg |grep parport
grep parport /var/log/messages

My 2008 motherboard refuses to let linux use ECP, even though the BIOS 
says ECP.  EPP seems to work, but doesn't give me a DMA.  Other boards 
I've checked use EPP and DMA.

Without DMA, cups printing uses I/O polling and is ***SLOW*** and uses 
100% cpu for 30s per page.  Ouch.

To the zero people who are interested in the bugzilla, here's a link:

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