[RndTbl] Android/Nexus 5 on MTS & MMS.

Kelly Leveille kel at kelweb.ca
Wed Jan 28 16:55:12 CST 2015

Hey Sean,

I run Cyanogen Mod on a OnePlus One and have, potentially, had the same
problem. SMS works fine but MMS images never download.

Google changed the default SMS/MMS app to "Hangouts" in later/current
versions of Android and it doesn't work with many carrier's MMS systems. As
a workaround, using Androids SMS/MMS app "Messaging" instead of Hangouts
works fine for both MMS/SMS. Images are delivered instantly.

I've spoken with a few MTS cell techs who've given me several different APN
settings to try but none resolved the issue. The techs also acknowledged
having to use "Messaging" on their own phones.

I'd be happy to know the solution if you find one because I'd prefer the
flexibility Hangouts provides.

Kelly Leveille
On Jan 28, 2015 4:08 PM, "Sean Cody" <sean at tinfoilhat.ca> wrote:

> Does anyone have a Lollipop based Android on MTS that has MMS working?
> Apparently I can't make it work on this nexus 5 and dealing with MTS is
> aggravating.  I want to rule out a bad sim or something but would like to
> see the config on a phone that actually works first. :)
> Please contact me directly off lists/thread if you can help. :)
> --
> Sean
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