[RndTbl] Replacement batteries for APC, CyberPower, etc.

jd jd at wcgwave.ca
Thu Jun 25 03:33:03 CDT 2015

Hey, Hartmut & Bill & MUUG

The Battery Man does carry a surprisingly (remarkably) thorough stock, 
and, for that, deserves our custom.
Alexander Battery in Mississauga is no longer go-to, for odd batteries.

However, if budget is constrained, consider:
Prairie Battery
1280 Border St - 633-3500

PB's Brandon office has served me well, through a couple of marquee 
changes over almost 3 decades, for everything from ancient Israeli 
Tadiran 3.6v blocks for 486 & earlyP1 mbrds (at less than half 
wholesale, in the day), to the ubiquitous cr2032 (mbrd cmos) buttons (at 
ok price 5-per card), and, yes, onward to the gel-cel bricks, at 
comfortable pricing.  These latter are likely the ones you seek, and 
they usually stock standard-industry rated and medical-app rated 
versions of the much-more-common gel-bricks.

If indeed you are needing messy (liquid) lead-acid .. PB's still good.
But I will bet you a cruller you may only need sealed gel cel units.

It should go without saying, but some UPS battery layouts are worth a 
photo at EVERY step of dis-assembly, for the short&long jumpers, to NOTE 

Ask for a PB "trade account" and get [even] better pricing, if you 
expect to do ongoing (volume of) battery business.

PB may not always have the APC (or other Mfg's) cross-reference "in 
their system" .. but JUST HAUL IN ANY SPECIMEN, and you will be directed 
to stock on-the-shelf, for at least one candidate to match. If you 
believe your model to be (spillable) lead-acid, CdnTire sells 
acid-tolerant trays for not-so-much$, to show PB the model.

Due to friendly pricing, I've been able to quote 1yr or 2yr proactive 
switch-out contracts, at reasonable prices.
Those (not necessarily expired, in this schedule) retired gel-cels, 
taken out, may be kept onsite (no acid-gas off the SEALED gel-types). 
Lead-acid should be taken off-site immediately, to appropriate disposal.

Even though most common (<1500va) UPS replacement batteries are 
(non-spill caution) gel-types, surcharges may STILL apply for ANY 
shipping, so I would vote you just pick them up from the storefront on 
Border. No special tray needed for transporting gels.

In any case, pack them forward in the trunk, for the inevitable 
gotta-brake in traffic.

John D

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