[RndTbl] Ringing voltage and waveform in Cisco/Linksys ATA's

Hartmut W Sager hwsager at marityme.net
Thu Oct 1 05:57:44 CDT 2015

Why do these Cisco/Linksys ATA's have some stupid defaults?  I just played
with (er, configured) another one over the last weekend.

I always (have to) change the default ringing voltage in these
Cisco/Linksys ATA's from 85V trapezoidal to 90V sinusoidal, so that an
attached phone will ring reliably.  I don't know for which part of the
planet (if any) their default is intended.  From the standards I've studied
in the past, the trapezoidal waveform especially doesn't ring a Bell.

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