[RndTbl] aRrgh: a newcomer's (angry) guide to R

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Mon Oct 5 08:44:51 CDT 2015

That only works for a subset of users: those who learn through 
watching/listening to courses /and/ can wait 4 weeks or more before they 
need to actually accomplish something.
In the end, I managed to get the smoothed 3D graph I needed in under 2 
days.  But that was 2 days of solid blue air around me.

(BTW: the course you referred to also has multiple prerequisites, this 
looks like the starting point: 


On 15-10-05 05:16 AM, Sean Walberg wrote:
> There are several good courses on coursera. No only do you learn R, 
> you learn some applications. There is one on regression models 
> starting today!
> Sean
> On Sunday, 4 October 2015, Adam Thompson <athompso at athompso.net 
> <mailto:athompso at athompso.net>> wrote:
>     http://arrgh.tim-smith.us/
>     I wish I had known of this resource the last time I tried to use R
>     for something. Maybe it will help someone else.
>     -Adam

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