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Mon Oct 5 15:05:47 CDT 2015

Brief follow up to this thread; I just noticed a story on engadget that the
HDMI 2.0 certification was just launched. So that explains why you couldn't
find any 4K certified cables until now.



On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 2:21 PM, John Lange <john at johnlange.ca> wrote:

> The place I usually go for cables is monoprice.com. They don't mention
> the HDMI certification level on any of the cables that I randomly clicked
> on, but they do clearly state "supports 4K @60Hz" on some of them.
> Unfortunately there is no way to filter only the cables in that category.
> The information is hidden in the description so you have to click them
> one-by-one.
> Interestingly, it also appears that long HDMI cable lengths are possible
> (100+ feet) because the cable makes appear to be embedding some kind of
> extender chip into the cables themselves.
> John
> On Wed, Sep 9, 2015 at 2:01 PM, Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca>
> wrote:
>> Worse still, after spending another 2 hours looking into it last night,
>> I found that it is incredibly hard to tell what cables are what.  Sites
>> say that legally speaking, the HDMI group doesn't let cable vendors
>> label their cables as "1.4" or "2.0".  They are only allowed to say
>> "High Speed HDMI", which is near useless in telling you anything.
>> It turns out that it's not just rez but refresh that has to be factored
>> into your cable purchase.  I guess that's a holdover from HDMI's TV
>> focus.  TV's are fine with 30fps.  Most computer people need 60fps.
>> For instance, you *need* HDMI 2.0 to do 4k at 60.  But they can't label
>> their cable as "2.0", so WTF are you supposed to do?
>> I talked with my reseller rep at Startech and they said none of their
>> HDMI cables are 2.0 even though they loudly exclaim "ultra hd!" and
>> "4k!".  He said they are all HDMI 1.4 or 4k at 30.  Luckily 1.4 will also
>> do my required 2560x1440 at 60, so in my case 1.4 is good enough.
>> However, if I was super bleeding edge I'd be getting a 4k monitor and
>> then be stuck having to find a 2.0 cable amongst these wacky labeling
>> rules.
>> C2G's HDMI cables claim to do 4k at 60, so there's a safe option... unless
>> they are lying!
>> P.S. Michael is almost certainly right when he said at the meeting that
>> you have to manually add the 2560x1440 rez into xrandr once you have
>> the correct components in place.
>> P.P.S. It looks like 2560x1440 is doable with HDMI, just with so many
>> caveats most people can't get it working and switch to DP.  I've picked
>> out a cable and a new inexpensive VC that should allow me to get this
>> working.  (And vdpau, which I've wanted for a while...)  I will report
>> back in a few weeks.
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