[RndTbl] cheaper ISP

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Fri Sep 11 00:26:16 CDT 2015

What's the cheapest option for a Winnipeg business to get decent 
(especially upload) internet access when they aren't in a Shaw area (but 
are in MTS).  Right now they have MTS crappy like 5Mbps down and 400kbps 
up.  It's horrible.

We'd be fine with 5 or 10 (or more) down, but we want at least 2 up.  The 
more up in our pricerange the better.  Monthly traffic will be quite low 
in both directions, but we get large-demand bursts.

Price range is $40-$80/month.  They are willing to pay (a bit) more 
upfront to save on the monthly fee, if required.

They need zero extra features (email boxes, web space, a/v, domain, etc), 
they just need faster internet.  Lower latency than what garbage MTS gives 
would be better too.  I already checked with MTS and what they want for 
more upload bw is way too much (compared to what Shaw charges).


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