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Well I'd argue that there's 7 companies who are filling a similar niche,
your customer just doesn't want to pay for it.

Speaking as an employee of one of those companies, we spend a huge amount
of time and money constantly adding and upgrading towers and high-end
hardware to provide service to areas that are so low-profit that Shaw and
sometimes MTS don't bother with them. Those giants have great economies of
scale and better margins - once our costs are figured in the profit on a
$50-a-month customer who needs tech support may not be worth the
acquisition effort. We'd love to give everyone all the bandwidth for free
but we wouldn't last long as a company.

The 7d/0.7u is about ADSL1 limits, I imagine MTS is not allowing other
providers access to resell their ADSL2/VDSL? network which does ~30mbit
down. The ADSL1 standard has specific spectrum allocated separately for the
upstream and downstream directions (using the same frequencies for both
directions in a time-division format would cause many self-interference
issues considering the low grade of phone cable and how they are heavily
bundled together). See
.   So the standard and the hardware implementations, both in the DSLAM
rack at the MTS office and in the customer's modem, control the ratio of
bandwidth possible in each direction due to their design for specific

On Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 12:33 AM, Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca>

> On 2015-09-15 Colin Stanners wrote:
> > https://les.net/products/product_voipdsl.php :
> > $175 setup, $65/mo  for 30GB of transfer, up to 7mbit down, 0.6mbit
> > up. A lot more expensive then MTS if you're talking just transfer,
> > but a better deal than them if you want a bit of internet with mostly
> > VoIP.
> Not bad, especially when you consider the cheapness of some of the
> options.
> But my customer really needs 1.5 up, even at the sacrifice of some
> down.  Too bad les doesn't offer that option at a similar price.
> There's a niche to be had here and no one is filling it.  Can't they
> just tweak a dial on the aDSL between up/down to get us more up?
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