[RndTbl] aggregating dsl lines

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Tue Sep 29 08:09:32 CDT 2015

This is an active area of research, particularly with the advent of multi-path TCP.
Presently, however, you have to hide the two-link-ness from the TCP layer, and essentially from the IP layer as well.
ECMP would work, as long as both lines are the same (this does not hold true as a dynamic assertion with DSL technology, *ever*).
LACP will *not* work.
If you have Linux boxes at both ends, you can use mod_bonding in its round-robin mode... I've done that in the past and it does work.

Far more effective, however, would be to upgrade to a symmetric VDSL2 setup that supports DSL bonded pairs.
That'll set you back around $600+ per end, IIRC, replaces both the DSLAM and the DSLR, but makes your problems go away by turning all the copper into a single Ethernet link.

I just worked with someone else on this kind of setup, I'll see if I can find the links...


On September 29, 2015 4:18:54 AM CDT, Trevor Cordes <trevor at tecnopolis.ca> wrote:
>Is it possible to aggregate DSL lines, to combine them to get X-times
>bandwidth on a single link?  In this situation, I control both ends,
>DSLAM and the DSL modem side on the other end of some POTS runs
>I assume, or worse).
>Note, I don't want load balancing or fancy routing/sharing.  I need
>(or more) the bandwidth for a single application (single TCP
>If required, we can have linux/bsd boxes we control at either end of
>If it's not possible, does anyone have any other ideas for somehow
>better bandwidth out of 500m POTS wires (quantity 4)?
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