[RndTbl] aggregating dsl lines

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Sep 29 14:33:32 CDT 2015

On 2015-09-29 A Myriad of MUUGers wrote:
> If you can put a box at both ends you can do compression between them
> with

Yes, we fully control both ends, and can put a box at both.  Compression
could possibly help in our scenario too, as the traffic might be

> Far more effective, however, would be to upgrade to a symmetric VDSL2
> setup that supports DSL bonded pairs.

Options that don't require replacing the DLSAM might be feasible if the
cost isn't too high.  VDSL looks like a possibility.

> If you have Linux boxes at both ends, you can use mod_bonding in its
> round-robin mode... I've done that in the past and it does work.

That sounds promising too.

> Are there any reasons for not considering commercial (backbone)
> wireless

We might do wireless.  But the line of sight isn't great, and weather
might be a concern?  However, the application on top of all of this
maintains one constant all-day TCP connection that can't tolerate being
broken at all, and IME wireless is a lot less reliable than wires, even
POTS wires.

> Do you control the bare copper at each end? Adtran as a product called
> "ActivReach" which delivers up to 100Mbit POE over CAT3 style wiring.

Yes, we control the whole thing, including the copper.  I need to find
out exactly what cable is in there now to make sure it's CAT3.

We actually have 3 or 4 POTS runs to the 500m out location, and the
DSLAM capacity is already there, and we have DSL modems too (so that's
all "free"), so possibly trying a software-on-linux-boxen approach
first would be worthwhile.

Many of the products y'all pointed out are really neat too, but if we
need multiples of them it might start getting pricey, and from what I
can tell would still require linux-boxen to aggregate.

Thanks for all the tips!  MUUG shines once again.  I'll keep you
posted.  I may have further questions as I implement.  Maybe I'll do a
presentation on it down the road (if it works out!).

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