[RndTbl] aggregating dsl lines

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Tue Sep 29 16:39:35 CDT 2015

On 2015-09-29 John Lange wrote:
> I'm not clear on your topology, but the Adtran solution is a regular

A DSLAM serves internet to a couple dozen computers on a small campus.
There's a single endpoint at the far end of campus that needs to have
LAN-type speeds back to the DSLAM for a specific application.  It's
just this one endpoint that needs this.  This endpoint has 3 or 4
separate copper runs to it.

> 1Gig switch with ActivReach capability. At the other end it's a
> dongle that converts back to regular ethernet. If you can put the

Yes, the products people pointed out that enable this look very
enticing.  The Adtran one less so because it appears to only come in 28
port versions, and I can guess that the price would be >$1k.  We'd only
ever need 1-4 ports (for this one endpoint).

> directions. Not a hack. And you can manage it just like any network
> switch so you can apply VLANs, QOS, etc. It's the only product like

Ah, but you're assuming we don't want "a hack" :-)  Toying around with
free surplus linux boxen to achieve what a multiple-thousand $ solution
can do is right up my alley!

> For anyone on this list that may need to deal with buildings where new
> wiring is a problem (asbestos is a typical example), this is a
> solution for utilizing existing "telephone" wiring to build a network.

Yes, I can see the value there when multiple drops are required.

> If you are looking for carrier grade, then Adtran also makes DSLAMs
> with Gig over copper DSL type solutions, but I assume you are looking
> for cheap.

Ya, replacing the DSLAM at this point is not viable.

Aside: all of this begs the question, how are they getting gig out of
crap cabling?  What are they doing, technically?  Where's Shannon's law?
If it was always possible, how come this site is using a crappy slow
DLSAM at all?  Why should anyone install CAT6 ever when their junky
CAT3 can do Gb?  Confused.


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