[RndTbl] Fw: [Bug 740188] the --title option is nonfunctional

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Thu Apr 7 17:25:15 CDT 2016

Here's a great example of the snootiness, and complete lack of "getting
it", of Gnome/systemd people, and why so many people are at odds with
them.  Tons of people commented on this bug: how asinine it was that
--title was removed.  The workarounds are ok if you're interactive *in*
the window, but what if you want to launch a bunch of windows from a
script, and have each one named?

Who are the people being l33t here???

At least (for the first time I can remember when watching the dealings
of these people), the "old fart" "unix admins" get their way.

Begin forwarded message:

Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2016 18:25:09 +0000
From: "gnome-terminal" (GNOME Bugzilla) <bugzilla at gnome.org>
Subject: [Bug 740188] the --title option is nonfunctional


Debarshi Ray <rishi.is at lostca.se> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |rishi.is at lostca.se

--- Comment #22 from Debarshi Ray <rishi.is at lostca.se> ---
commit 156b85533f42d8c7e6cf6258ce3e7fe4ec8f1754
Author: Christian Persch <chpe at gnome.org>
Date:   Tue Feb 16 18:59:09 2016 +0100

    client: legacy: Reimplement deprecated --title option

    This reverts commit 0033eca2909ddccf3358c1f089bce05d3473b123.

    Reimplement the deprecated --title client option. It seems it is
    absolutely required by all those super l33t unix admins that are
    above using a lowly command like printf(1) or the even simpler


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