[RndTbl] Warning: OVH VPS 2016 line missing feature

Adam Thompson athompso at athompso.net
Sat Apr 9 19:33:34 CDT 2016

OVH has a new line of SSD-backed KVM-hosted VPS servers starting at 
C$4.99/month, with good performance, decent availability, pretty much an 
all-round good deal.

Except for one little thing... No IPv6 support.  At all.

According to the tech support rep I just spoke to, it's because the new 
2016 lineup runs on OpenStack.  I'm a little unclear on how this makes 
it "impossible" to provide IPv6 functionality, but that's their claim.

It's 2016: new IPv4 addresses are no longer available.  IPv6 is 
supported by all major content providers (except Twitter, I think)- but 
OVH doesn't consider this important, apparently.

FYI: their SoYouStart and OVH Dedicated Server lines still provide IPv6 
service; it's only the new 2016 VPS system that doesn't. Ironically, the 
older-generation (2014) system *did* support IPv6, but I can't order 
that any more.



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