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Wyatt Zacharias wyatt at magitech.ca
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There's a couple things that determine the heat output of a cpu, the main
factor is simply the TDP design of the chip. Since every cpu is basically
just a glorified heating element that runs code, you can determine the
approximate amount of heat the chip will make by looking at the amount of
power it's designed to use.

Wikipedia says the turion line has a TDP between 25-35W depending on model.
Most desktop chips are running anywhere from 60-120W. Now my thinkpad has
an i7-3720QM which I would certainly classify as a "high performance high
GHz CPU" and its TDP is only 45W. Combined with the adequately sized heat
sink, and the new power management features Intel puts in their chips, my
laptop barely gets warm doing daily tasks, running tasks with the dedicated
gpu is a different story of course.

Keep in mind the TDP is the max consumption of the chip, various power
management features and the load on the chip will change output. My i7 can
go up to 3.5ghz, but the power management will reduce that to about 1ghz of
the load is low, and that makes a big difference in heat and power

Wyatt Zacharias (mobile)

On 12 Oct 2016 7:41 a.m., "Hartmut W Sager" <hwsager at marityme.net> wrote:

> Does anyone here know how to accurately identify current and recent
> cool-running Intel and AMD CPU's by their model/chip designations?  I hope
> the family of cool-running CPU's that started with Intel Centrino and AMD
> Turion still exists.
> All 3 of my well-dated laptops (2006-2009) have AMD Turion x64 dual-core
> CPU's, and those laptops are still running quite cool and quietly with the
> fan only occasionally kicking in.  In the meantime, my friends and
> colleagues with laptops featuring high performance high GHz CPU's have
> heat-fried quite a few of them, typically with a 2-3 year lifespan.
> So, if and when I shop laptops again, I'd like to continue with
> cool-running CPU's.  (Yes, I know there's a GPU heat issue as well.)
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